Currently these videos have no subtitles these are currently being worked on and will be uploaded as soon as they are available.

Dr Sheila Sirco

Conference Intorduction

Dr. Sharmila Patel

The Hearing Implant Journey ……….

Cathryn Thompson Goodwin

Closing the Transport Accessibility Gap

Michael Brady

NHS England’s Review of the Accessible Information Standard

Beth Whitley & Petua Sumner

Support with the Deaf Children on the Caseload

Oliver Richardson

A Journey to finding the Ideal Communication Support

Tony Hyland MBE


Dr. Adrian Brown

Experience of Co-creating Dietetic Resources for Deaf Peopleg Implant Journey

Rebecca Fenton-Ree

Supporting International Learners with Language Deprivation.

Dani Sive

Language Bilingualism.

Phil Rees

Lipspeaking: Spoken Words Made Visible

Marion Fellows MP

Spokesperson for Disabilities …………………….