Following the New Generation Text Service (NGTS) survey in 2016 and extensive discussions with BT, they introduced Relay UK which does address some of the issues users had with NGTS-Lite the means of access for mobile phone users. We understood from users that the Relay UK implementation had further issues and a survey was carried out in December to provide the necessary evidence for Ofcom, and others.

There was anecdotal evidence of issues, but we needed more quantitative and qualitative evidence if we were to address the issues with BT. The survey in 2020 was similar to the one carried out in 2016 which eventually resulted in BT creating a revised app. The December 2020 Relay UK survey results were analysed early in 2021 to identify issues being experienced by users. The results were discussed by a focus group of members with different levels of hearing loss, and we are discussing the findings further with BT, seeking changes which we believe are necessary or highlighting any shortfalls that require intervention by Ofcom or government initiative from DCMS.

The survey was comprehensive and in total there were 90 questions. However questions for any participant varied according to their previous answers, so the majority of participants on average were asked around 30 questions. We are grateful to all participants, many of whom spent a long time providing their answers. A subset of 11 questions were prioritised for discussion with BT which are ongoing.

Lack of acceptance of Relay calls