Channel 4 had a major fire at their Broadcast Centre in London on 26th September and have multiple problems and are having to start from scratch. At the time of our enquiry, Channel 4 could not provide any reliable estimate of when they will get back the services they lost. A lot of services were apparently lost. It is affecting a lot more than subtitles, but they assured me that restoration of subtitles is their top priority.

Due to an incident at our broadcast centre on 26 September, we are currently experiencing issues with both our TV broadcasts and on-demand services, All 4 and All 4+.
The severity of the incident and the complexity of restoring our services fully has presented significant challenges, with one of the most significant disruptions being the loss of our audio description, subtitled and sign language services. We are very aware of how important these services are to people with sight or hearing impairments and restoring these services is a priority. Our technical teams are doing everything they can to resolve these issues.
Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to get our access services up and running as quickly as possible.
You can find any update near the bottom of the list of announcements on subtitles by following the link: