Full Membership Fees 2022/2023 – 1st April until 31st March

Membership of the Council is only open to Charities and Professional Bodies working in the field of
deafness. Organisations that do not qualify for membership can affiliate to the Council.

Turnover £k Membership Fee Band

Up to £5k £46.00 A1
£5k to £10k £62.00 A2
£10k to £50k £107.00 B
£50k to £100k £214.00 C
£100k to £250k £304.00 D
£250k to £1m £533.00 E
£1m to £2m £1155.00 F
£2m to £10m £1689.00 G
Over £10m £2664.00 H

Fees are based on the lowest of either Gross Income or Gross Expenditure as shown in your most
recent accounts. For most organisations whose financial year ends in March this means that your
Fee for 2021/2022 will be based on the accounts for the year ending March 2020.

Members can display membership badge on website/publications.

Affiliate Members

Public and Voluntary Sector Affiliate Fees:
£176.00 – Gross Income of £500K and over
£90.00 – Gross Income under £500K

More than ever before mainstream third sector organisations, Local Authorities, Strategic Health
Authorities, Primary Care Trusts, Schools, Universities, Learning & Skills Councils and other
public sector services need to work in partnership with Deaf Organisations. By affiliating to the
Council you will demonstrate a clear commitment to making your services accessible to deaf people.

Corporate Affiliate Fees:
£446.00 – Gross Income of £500K and over
£222.00 – Gross Income under £500K

If you are looking to do business with deaf people and organisations or need to keep informed about
developments in deaf issues, or are simply seeking to develop your corporate community affairs
involvement, by affiliating to the Council you will be making a clear statement that you are
genuinely committed to working with Deaf Organisations for the benefit of deaf people.

Affiliated Organisations may display the Affiliate Badge in their publications or website.