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June 2023

    Dr Sheila Sirco

    Dr Sheila Sirco was brought up in Deaf culture. She got two PhDs, and is a Fellow of Higher Education Academy, Specialist Mentor for Autistic learners and Teacher for the Deaf. She is also a published author. Having acquainted difficulties Deaf people encounter, led her to become an ardent campaigner for Deaf inclusion and equal […]

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      Khalid Ashraf

      In 2018 Khalid achieved an MA in Islamic Studies. Currently CEO for Muslim Deaf UK & works part-time for Leeds Involving People (LIP). He previously worked for ITV as an onscreen presenter/interpreter & completed NVQ Level 4 in BSL. Experience in access consultancy & qualified for the National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC) as a […]

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        Al O’Dornan

        Al’s background is in Tech and consultancy; he brings 25 years of expertise in change management and transformational technology initiatives. Having suffered from hearing loss and ear infections as a child, he underwent surgery in his twenties and now wears a hearing aid. He has an MBA and is passionate about making technology usable and […]

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          Mark Stocks

          I’m profoundly deaf myself. I’ve been working on deaf issues for 25 years in total. I first started working as a teaching assistant at the school where I’m working now, and then I became a teacher and after that the system principal there. I’ve got really strong links with a lot of applications, and hopefully […]

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