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June 2024

National Association of Deafened People

NADP represents all people with a hearing loss who use English as their main language, not just deafened people. We are voluntary led by people with a hearing loss and provide support to individuals, both directly and through our extensive network of key decision makers. We live hearing loss and that is the unique angle we provide to discussion and debate.

Since the COVID 19 outbreak we have provided key information to support our membership recognising the changing environment we are in. This includes information they may need if they need to visit hospital along with regular updates on sources of information to assist them during lockdown. Through our president Lilian Greenwood MP we have reached out to government and MPs to state what we believe needs to be done to ensure people with a hearing loss are not left out in decision making.

Our recent drop in at Parliament, prior to lock down, in support of World Hearing Day, was received by nearly 50 MPs, who expressed support for the needs of people with a hearing loss, particularly within their constituencies. NADP provided a hand out stating what MPs could do to support people with a hearing loss, for them to take away. NADP is currently following up and extending this network of support with MPs.

NADP fully supports Deaf Awareness Week and in particular, the theme of Acquired Hearing Loss, which in our view is so often ignored or simply misunderstood by policy and decision makers in government and industry. Yet Acquired Hearing Loss can have a significant impact on an individual’s social and mental well being, as well as their confidence and self esteem at work. We welcome the opportunity to help support people with an Acquired Hearing Loss.