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May 2024

Download the Relay UK app, for easy conversations with anyone, anywhere

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The Relay UK app allows anyone who’s deaf, hard of hearing or has difficulty talking, to communicate simply over the phone. It’s a regulated service provided by BT, that helps make phone calls with family and friends, work colleagues, or businesses and services such as government departments and healthcare providers, much easier. For clear and independent communication with anyone, anywhere, use Relay UK.

You simply type, or speak, what you want to say, and read the replies on screen as they come through, whilst an assistant relays the conversation to and from the person you’re calling. It’s a confidential service and there’s an option to save calls, so text conversations can be stored with ease.

You don’t need any special kit – just download the app from the App StoreGoogle Play or Windows Store, link it to your phone number and you’ll be ready to use Relay UK on your smartphone, tablet, or computer whenever you want.

See how the app works.

The service is free to access and use, so you’ll only pay your normal charges for the calls you make. Check with your phone provider for more details.

Watch our video to learn more.

Contacting 999 using Relay UK

In an emergency situation, you need help fast. The Relay UK service lets deaf, hard of hearing, or speech-impaired people in the UK connect to police, ambulance, fire, or coastguard services by calling with the help of a relay assistant or texting a message to 999 using Relay UK’s emergencySMS service.

Watch Relay UK’s video to find out more about how it can help you in an emergency situation.

Take the stress out of phone calls and let Relay UK help you with those all-important conversations today.