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Hearing Loop Awareness Week

News Release: 02/07/2014

Get in the loop & support Hearing Loop Awareness Week

UK hearing loss charity, Hearing Link, is looking to generate greater understanding and awareness of hearing loops during a dedicated week this month.

Hearing Loop Awareness Week runs from 12th-20th July and is urging hearing aid users to learn more about this valuable technology.

There are around 10 million people in the UK with hearing loss.  About two million use hearing aids and most could benefit from using a hearing loop in public places to cut out background noise and reduce the strain of listening over a distance.  However, the hearing loop must be working properly for it to be of benefit.

Therefore, during Hearing Loop Awareness Week,  Hearing Link is undertaking an exercise to check the quality of  hearing loops in communities across the UK, including Eastbourne, Swindon, Chester, Surrey and Newcastle.  

Audits will be carried out by volunteers on hearing loops in public buildings and facilities such as shops, banks, GP surgeries and many more, to ensure they are working properly.

Dave King, Hearing Link’s User Experience Manager, said: “Hearing Loop Awareness Week is a great opportunity for hearing aid users to find out more about hearing loops and how they can improve their listening experience when out and about in public places.

“Alternatively, they can get involved with our efforts by checking the quality of hearing loops in their own town or city. We want to find out, not only where hearing loops are provided, but how well they work by listening to how it sounds through their hearing aid.

“These days, there is no reason why everyone who uses a hearing loop shouldn’t have a great experience.  If they don’t, then either their hearing aid needs adjusting or, more probably, the hearing loop system is at fault. If it is the system then the venue manager needs to be made aware because the problems are usually easily fixable.

“The more people who get involved, the stronger the results will be and better hearing loops will be available in communities across the UK.”

The audit that is being carried out is part of the charity’s wider ‘Let’s Loop the UK’ campaign which launched in January this year. The campaign is promoting the need for more and better hearing loops in all public venues.

If you are a hearing aid user and would like carry out an audit during Hearing Loop Awareness Week, please contact Hearing Link’s helpdesk for more information. The helpdesk can also provide more information or advice about hearing loops, hearing aids, or any other hearing loss-related issues.


Email, Tel/Text: 0300 111 1113 or SMS: 07526 123 255.


Results of the hearing loop audit will be published in the autumn.




For further information please contact:


Lorna Armstrong, Communications Officer


Tel/SMS: 07534 563485


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About Hearing Link

Hearing Link is a UK charity for people who have developed any level of hearing loss and their family and friends. It provides information and support and puts them in contact with others who have similar experiences. It aims to give people the knowledge, skills, confidence and contacts so they can more easily manage the practical and emotional challenges that hearing loss brings. It works across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. For more information, visit