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June 2024

UKCoD offers support to ALL to report failure to accept UK Relay calls

Our survey of the BT-operated text relay “Relay UK” showed 70% of participants experienced problems with contacting banks, medical professionals, government agencies, or large companies refusing to accept relay calls.

If you experience any problems with any of the above communications issues please follow the link below and answer the 19 questions. We expect it should take about 15 minutes.

Link to questions about the incident

The NHS Accessibility Standard requires services to be provided in an accessible way and for all staff to contact, communicate well and understand information, record and share people’s communication needs. FCA requirements are similar.

We have therefore been in touch with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and NHS England, both of whom require compliance with accessibility standards which are not being followed.

In this email we are just addressing one of the issues and asking for your help to apply pressure to get changes of deaf awareness and compliance with accessibility requirements by banks and the NHS.

To get corrective action we need to identify specific examples of non-compliance.

We will:

  • Check that your complaint is covered by the regulators and format your answers into an email we can send on your behalf and copy you, or that you could send to the relevant regulator and copy us if you prefer.
  • Identify who with your consent, we will email on your behalf;
  • Help follow through to maximise the chance of achieving the result you need.

Thanks for helping us improve awareness and improve reasonable adjustment in the NHS, financial and other organisations.