Following extensive discussions and the Generation Text Service (NGTS) survey in 2016, BT introduced Relay UK.

Relay UK addressed some of the issues users had with NGT-Lite, the former APP providing access to the service for mobile phone users. Following further issues, a survey was carried out in December 2020 to provide evidence for BT, and Ofcom.

The survey in December 2020 was similar to the one carried out in 2016. There were 90 questions, but most people answered around 30 based on their previous answers. We are grateful to all participants, many of whom spent a long time responding. The results were analysed early in 2021 to identify issues being experienced by users and were discussed by a focus group of members with different levels of hearing loss. We are grateful for their valuable insight and advice.

We have discussed their conclusions with BT who are considering how they can incorporate those directly relevant to Relay UK in future developments of the relay service. Our discussions with BT are ongoing.