Tips for rebate

DAC has been provided with a summary of the rebates that apply for Text Relay calls for each Communications Provider (CP).

DAC has put together some tips on how to use this information.

DAC suggests that users monitor the calls they make and the amount charged on their bill, and compare this to the information provided shown in this document. Any discrepancies should be raised with the Communication Provider. Please report back to Ofcom where charges differ from the information shown. We would welcome feedback on your experience and any further tips you may have through Twitter, Facebook or email.

Tips on how to use rebate information.

1. Before making a call check that the number you are calling is included in any inclusive bundle otherwise you may be charged for the full amount of the call as no rebate may be applied. If you are calling a service provider then ask them to provide an alternative number to call them on.

2. When you review your bill check to see if you have been charged for calls using Text Relay which have exceeded your allowance or calls using numbers not included in your bundle. Raise these queries with the Communication Provider and ask that they increase your allowance to allow for the longer time it takes to make a call using Text Relay or that they include the number within your allowance depending on why you have been charged.

3. When reviewing your contract you might want to use this information to compare the relative costs. Different providers are offering different ways of allowing for Text Relay calls in packages. You may want to consider this information alongside the usual information for comparing different bundles.

4. If you are considering a new handset then you will need to check that it is compatible with Relay UK Text service.

5. If you think that you may make more voice calls following the launch of Relay UK Text service then you might want to consider how much more you may use the phone. It may be worth seeing how you get on before committing to a new contract. If you contact your CP then you may find that they will offer a lower rate if you continue using your existing handset if the period of your existing bundled contract has expired