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June 2024

One step closer to a common purpose for the deaf sector

The UK Council on Deafness is one step closer to defining a common purpose for the deaf sector following a stakeholder seminar on 1 December.

Representatives from businesses, local authorities, communication and language professional associations, charities and health services met to refine the draft statement of common purpose. They also considered what the priorities for collaborative working should be.

Jim Edwards, chair of the UK Council on Deafness, said: “We now have a strong consensus on the need for a statement that outlines the basis for collective work by organisations working in the field of deafness.

“There was a clear sense of ambition and purpose at the seminar. It was great to have campaigning organisations such as the British Deaf Association sitting alongside local councils and providers of technology. They all agreed we share aims and will be stronger if we work together.

“We also agreed this needs to be a common purpose for the sector, not just the UK Council on Deafness. We hope it will attract a significant number of signatories.”

The draft statement of common purpose considered at the meeting was the result of a recent survey and ongoing conversation with key sector stakeholders. You can download the report of the survey [Word].

Following the meeting, the statement will be developed and refined before being circulated for further comment. The final statement will be presented to the sector in February 2015