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June 2024

Stephen Lloyd MP for Eastbourne, a Patron of UKCoD

Stephen Lloyd

The UK Council on Deafness provides a vital link between the deaf sector and Parliament. Their work coordinating the All Parliamentary Group on Deafness, talking with MPs and Lords and providing important policy briefings is so important for keeping Parliament well informed about the issues facing deaf people.

As a Patron of the organisation I am delighted that they have a new website and updated brand to reflect the hard work they and their members put into championing the rights of deaf and hard of hearing people.

I know from first-hand experience just how tough life can be for hard of hearing people, and that is why personally and in my capacity as MP for Eastbourne, I work tirelessly to improve the lot of deaf and of hard of hearing people. This work is greatly supported and assisted by the UK Council on Deafness whose members reflect the entire spectrum of organisations working with deaf people.

There is much to be done; improving employment, education and communication for deaf and hard of hearing people is essential. I am hopeful and confident that with the new website behind them, UK Council on Deafness will have renewed energy and dedication to the long fight for equality and dignity for deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK. I look forward to continuing to work and fight with them in the years to come.