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May 2024

Urgent action needed to improve subtitling – can you spread the word?

Urgent action needed to improve subtitling

Thousands of people who are deaf or hard of hearing rely on subtitles to watch live TV and other broadcast platforms, including through catch-up and on demand services. If you rely on subtitles, now is your chance to influence the Government’s future policy on the issue by writing to your local MP. 

The Government is currently undertaking a review of the UK communications sector, and for over a year we have eagerly anticipated the publication of the Communications Green Paper, which was due to consider the issue of subtitles.

However, the Government has just announced that there will no longer be a Green Paper, but instead, four consultation seminars will be used to gather the views of stakeholders.

It’s essential that we act now to make sure the issue of subtitling is on the agenda of these seminars, particularly the one called The Consumer Perspective on 4 July.

We are urgently calling on everyone in the UK who relies on subtitles to contact their MP today and ask them to write to Communications Minister Ed Vaizey MP, to ensure that subtitles aren’t forgotten during this consultation period.

Take action today by contacting your local MP!

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your postcode
  3. Send a message to your MP; don’t forget to personalise your message by telling your MP about your own experiences. We’ve compiled a template letter as a guide which you might find useful. View the template letter (Word).

Please encourage others to write to their MP too!

Please email to let us know that you have contacted your MP and we will send a follow-up letter. If you live in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland please contact your Westminster MP as the Communications Review is being conducted by the UK Government.

For more information about how to complain about programmes you have had problems with .