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June 2024

contactScotland video relay service extended to third sector

contactScotland, the service that provides access to public services in British Sign Language (BSL), has been extended. BSL users will now be able to contact community groups, voluntary organisations, charities, social enterprises and co-operatives in their own language. Jim Edwards, chair of the UK Council on Deafness, said: “The UK Council on Deafness applauds the Scottish Government’s […]

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Summary and outcomes of telecoms conference

On 4 November 2015 the UK Council on Deafness hosted the conference ‘Fair exchange: developments in telecommunication for people who are deaf or have a hearing loss’. The aim of the conference was to celebrate the advances that had been made in advanced telephony services, including video relay services (VRS); and learn more about what […]

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Ofcom could fine BT over Next Generation Text Relay delay

BT has been warned by the communications regulator Ofcom that it could be financially penalised for a delay in making available a new telephone service for deaf and hard of hearing people. Lidia Best, Trustee of UKCoD and Chairperson of NADP comments “National Association for Deafened People (NADP)  is very disappointed with the delay and […]

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Next Generation Text Relay Service

At a meeting in May with UKCoD’s Deaf Access to Communications group, BT apologised for the delay in launching the Next Generation Text Rel service and reiterated their commitment to delivering the new service. They acknowledge the disappointment, frustration and anger that many feel, and recognise the need to rebuild trust and confidence in the […]

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Telephony equivalency for Deaf people

In July we commissioned Cassiopeia Consultancy Limited to estimate the need, demand and cost of relay services for Deaf people. The final report,Impact assessment: telephony equivalency for Deaf people for UKCoD and Deaf Access to Communication group, is now available.

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VRS – Ofcom Report

Ofcom have published their research into how video relay services are provided internationally.  As UKCoD’s Deaf Access to Communication group is working to identify a model that will see greater provision in the UK, the research will be valuable in pointing the way for some of the policy and infrastructure challenges we face.  Lessons from […]

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The next generation of relay services

Ofcom have published a statement about the next generation of relay services. The statement is a welcome step in the right direction and an important moment in ensuring a significant change in provision for deaf people. But there is still a long way to go before deaf people have access to 21st century telecommunication services.

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